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Be aware! Many of the reviews on the public review sites are from non-members who are upset from receiving phone calls. During covid as most local marketing events were cancelled we shifted to more telemarketing, resulting in a number of reviews from non-members.

Total savings are tracked in real time on the member’s site.

Now over $90 million dollars in user travel savings!

What People are Saying

  I’ve been a member of travel transparency for quite some time. I love the website it’s extremely easy to use and the deals are great. I don’t really mind that when I got the free gift that I had to pay the taxes and fees. The fees are just nominal and is like you paying a fee on the prices right if you win the grand prize. I will continue to use travel transparency and I love the the great deals that I keep getting.

thumb Josh C.

5 star review  Keep in mind folks, no matter the incentive offer to get you in the door, you don’t have to pay a dime for it…it is 100% free. All it takes is 90 minutes of your time. Beggars cannot be choosers for something that is being handed to you free! Also, I received a $100 gift certificate voucher to I have been using the Entertainment Book and their web site for over 20 years, so I know this incentive is legit! In regards to their travel discounted program (NOT A TIMESHARE), My wife and I actually purchased it! They walked me through all the enormous ways I could save. They have special access to savings that you just normally cannot get your hands on. I guarantee you that you are not going to save money by booking vacations on your own through any of the known travel company web sites! Speaking of web sites, I was very impressed at how easy and efficient their user interface web site is. You do not have to be an expert to navigate through their web site. The bottom line is, you are going to save more money in the long run, then what you are already paying by booking your vacations on your own!

thumb Robert Shank

5 star review  I love to travel and I was lucky to come across this company. I’m very skeptical when it comes to presentations but, the way this company explained themselves, I was going to give them the benefit of the doubt. I cannot say how much I am pleased with this easy travel platform. Their representatives explained every bit of it, leaving me with very few questions to ask. Not once did I ever feel annoyed or pressured into purchasing anything. I highly recommend.

thumb Cynthia M

  My husband and I went on a presentation here last Saturday. I will be honest, I thought this was going to be just another pop up vacation club. To our surprise, we were intrigued with the program that this company offers. They offer a membership with wholesale pricing on anything travel related. I was skeptical about the legitimacy of the company but then found out that their program has been around for the past 17 years. Needless to say, my husband and I are excited to be new members and can’t wait to start using the program. After doing the math, we know we are going to save a lot of money on our future travels!

thumb Madison M.

5 star review  Got a call to listen to a presentation on a wholesale travel membership. The 3 day 2 night weekend will be nice as we will go to Nashville for the first time. Btw this is a separate promotional company. The bonus is we signed up and our family will be able to enjoy the member benefits for life! $50/night for some very nice resorts in Cabo, Vegas, or many places in the world is an example. Cruises at 25-50% less than lowest listed price as well. Many other member benefits as well. I’d recommend going in and listening to what these folks have to offer. No high pressure sales at all. If you like what they have to offer sign up. If not, follow the steps for your promotional weekend away including hotel and airfare for a few hundred bucks. We will be booking our first cruise soon! Robbie, Lisa, et al are very knowledgeable friendly with many years of travel industry experience between them! I’d recommend sitting down and listening to what these folks have to offer. Bill

thumb Bill Rietman

5 star review  We’re existing members and didn’t know there was a new LA office. Stopped by and met Rob who helped book a trip to San Diego for this coming weekend. Saved us money again. This time over $500! Love it! 10+++

thumb Sharisse Roman

  FIRST DO NOT READ NEGATIVE REVIEWS. I asked, and apparently they are from a call center overseas. I am so happy we came in. I love this family owned company!!!! What they offer is 100% legit and the best purchase we have ever made for future travel. I met the owners at an event and it took me awhile to come in, but it’s amazing. If you like to travel you need to come in and see this. Very low pressure experience, fast, and super informative. IT is NOT a timeshare scam….. We now have access to amazing discounts on travel the rest of our lives.. We booked a condo in Scottsdale next month for $67 a night…. 2 bedroom two bath…. I’ve saved over $800 on hotels and flights since October 2019.

thumb Margie S.

5 star review  We are super happy with Travel Transparency, as we continue to save on all our hotel stays. It’s been especially great for all the travel we do for our kids sports, as we have saved thousands. We been members for a few years no and we highly recommend it. Thank you Travel Transparency!

thumb Mike Vazquez

5 star review  Travel Transparency was a joy to work with, and she got my friend and me the best deal for our vacation! I would definitely recommend anyone to travel with them to get a wonderful experience.

thumb George S.

  I attended a presentation here and I am so excited I purchased!!!! The money was well worth it! The salesman was respectful, not pushy and very knowledgeable! I also already booked a few trips and made my money back tenfold! Thank you so much Travel Transparency!

thumb Ally S.

5 star review   Truly best service within the travel agencies. Have worked with Marina in particular for the last 7 years and she has provided our entire family (100 flights a year) the best service. Highly recommend easing your headaches of traveling.

thumb Gosia S.

5 star review   My husband and I have been members of Travel Transparency for over a year. It’s been a hard Covid year for them as well as us. Since none of us have traveled anywhere, just think of how it has been for them, trying to promote travel! I want to thank Travel Transparency for standing behind their word with making my membership right and they were committed to backing what they said! Thank you !

thumb June Hedges

  My wife Teri and I became members in May 2021. We are booking our first trips with TT and getting our Alaska Cruise lined up for our Anniversary in August 2022. But the reason for this review is how impressed we are with the TT app during travel. We went to see Mount RushMore. On the way back we decided to stop in Boulder, CO to spend the night. We did not have reservations and thought we would wing it. Every place was booked and the price ranged from $400 to $600 a night. We were exhausted and out of ideas. We then remembered the TT App. Within 3 minutes, TT found us a brand new Quality Inn 5 miles out of town for $225.00 per night. It was the best hotel room we had the entire trip! We are going to search TT first from now on. Thank you TT for making our trip memorable! Dennis & Teri Lain Carlsbad, CA.

thumb Dennis L.

5 star review   This Travel Transparency is very good quality, professional, good value, and responsive! I recommend it to family, friends, and all travelers! Nicest 2 people who work there!😊😀

thumb Laraine Salindo

5 star review   This was shared to me by my friends and good thing that I joined coz I really loved traveling. I was able to access cheapest prices on the internet!


  After a grueling sales pitch in Jan 2020, I purchased the program from Travel Transparency and so far, I do not regret it. I will upgrade my rating in a year from now, because COVID should lift and I expect to use the program a great deal more. For those who gave reviews but did NOT actually purchase or use the program, kindly STFU. Your opinion is useless and only pollutes the pool of valuable opinions. I’ve done a lot of research and through my own personal experience, find that Travel Transparency reduces hotel, airline and auto rental costs by 25%. My wife and I plan to stay in a lot of hotels once we retire in a year, so we are looking forward to plenty of savings to offset the initial capital purchase of approx $3000.

thumb Gary J..

5 star review   We purchased a few months ago and it really does work, just wish we had known about it sooner, the deals we get are so cheap compared to what we have done in the past. Highly recommend it!!


5 star review   The best travel agency I know. The customer service is excellent and the offers far exceed what we found on the internet. Thanks for the great trip !!!


   The wholesale platform really is amazing and saves me and my family lots of money yearly. I have been reading what others are saying about it not working and they are incorrect. If you use the program right it works great, but i have been a member 3 years now (so maybe that’s why) Customer service is also great, they have helped me out when I needed help.

thumb Honey B.

5 star review   My husband and I are already the members of Travel Transparency last 2019. And for all the reservations we had made they really work hard to resolve things when there are some issues happened. We can see directly in the website the savings on how much money will be saved versus we booked to other public sites. We enjoyed our trips and became more memorable with travel transparency.


5 star review   The travel presentation was awesome! Staffs are very professional. Super thumbs up! Highly recommended! Always active and very responsive in all my queries. I saved a lot of money than other travel agency I’ve been with. Yay! I am very excited to enjoy my travel! Thank you so much TRAVEL TRANSPARENCY! 👌

thumb KUYA D

   Absolutely great opportunity to save money on travel! If you are a traveler and want to expand your options for less money, you need to check them out. It’s absolutely worth your time They answer ALL your questions and are extremely helpful. I highly recommend this experience!

thumb YOLANDA M.

5 star review  Being a member of TRAVEL TRANSPARENCY is really cost effective and efficient. Transaction’s really smooth and staff are really kind, they’ll send an update and provide great offers for me to have a great time on my vacations. Security of my transactions is also there so I am really comfortable with Travel Transparency.


5 star review  We came a member last June 2020 and just got renewed 2 months ago. My wife got so many reservations and travel plans for our vacation this 2021 with the help of travel transparency all of those were booked in a smooth transactions we have our travel specialists behind our back to make sure our plans are more secured. We are so comfortable with Travel Transparency.


  Wow! Pleasantly surprised with this company!! Truly NOT a timeshare presentation and more information was shared than I anticipated. Great presentation where you aren’t tricked into spending mass amounts of money and they actually have really great deals for many ways of travel. Wasn’t able to purchase a membership today but I will be back in the future 100%!

thumb EMILY G.

5 star review   I attended a presentation it was quick and easy! The salesman was knowledgeable, friendly and most of all not pushy! I ended up purchasing into the program and I am amazed at the deals I now get at almost every resort worldwide! The money I spent was well worth it and I am so excited to be apart of this fantastic club! If you get a personal offer to attend say yes! And say yes to the club! It’s worth every penny


  Absolutely enjoyed the presentation. The name says it all, they are very transparent, Lisa was very informative, welcoming and very helpful with any answers. Fred showed us the presentation, Unfortunately I wasn’t able to purchase a membership but would highly consider this for those that travel a lot for work, vacation etc. They are there to guide you to the right path and choose the right package that fits you best!

thumb IVAN M.

5 star review  The presentation was great! My family and I booked 2 rounds of ticket and it saves money a lot ! The salesman was respectful and knowledgeable. We are excited to travel! Thank you travel transparency!


  Fred and Lisa have been so welcoming here. They were super informative with the information they gave us regarding the travel options there were to use.

thumb HALEIGH W.

5 star review  We had such an amazing experience that exceeded our expectations! Travel agents were very responsive and a pleasure to work with from the beginning to the end. We put so much time and money into the trip and it was all worth it. Even with the additional complexities of COVID-19, Travel Transparency truly made it as seamless as possible for us and we couldn’t be happier!


  I’m posting this review because of false information and defamation being posted by Jody S. from Flagstaff AZ. I have been a member of Travel Transparency for a year and my certificates that where given to me by their representative are true to form, plus they made it a point to be attentive and informative, without being pushy. It is clearly explained for the average 5th grader to understand that it is 1 certificate per member, not multiples for you to use to pretend to be a rock star. All representatives affiliated with Travel Transparency are straight forward and honest about their company.

thumb CYNTHIA M.

5 star review  I also became part of this Travel Club 2 years ago. My family especially my dad who usually loves to travel lot became a part of my membership. I noticed that each time they successfully finished their reservations my account is earning points! So I Invited my mom and siblings to be part of my membership and my points are exploding! I used those points to book places without using any money and do some shopping in their too. What gives me interest about Travel Transparency is the Timeshare. When I purchased a Timeshare upfront it costs me around $10k-$15k not just that there’s also upgrade fees which is yearly increasing but when I tried to booked in Travel Transparency the cost goes around $200-$750 and not just that there was no upgrade fees that I need to pay yearly! This travel club also rocks!


  Fred and Lisa have been so welcoming here. They were super informative with the information they gave us regarding the travel options there were to use.

thumb Haleigh W.